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AmeriSave shares your passion for customer service. Wouldn’t it be great to partner with a lender sophisticated enough to meet all of your needs but nimble enough to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory guidelines and fluctuating market? We build processes around the way you lend. We focus on you so you can focus on the community you serve.

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Items Needed List

Complete and Submit the Comergence Application (submitted on the Comergence website). A complete package includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Broker or Mini Correspondent Agreement
  • Scorecard or References from 3 other Lenders
  • Credit Authorization for Principals/Owners – N/A for Banks or Credit Unions
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Current Profit and Loss Statement
  • Previous Fiscal Year’s Financials – N/A for Banks or Credit Unions
  • Insurance and Surety Bond Declaration Page
  • FDIC or NCUA Confirmation for Banks and Credit Unions
  • Resumes of Principals
    • For Mini Correspondents, include resumes of Closers
  • QC Policy and Procedures
    • For Mini Correspondents, also include the process for resolving QC discrepancies and tracking corrective action
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act (AML/BSA) Policy and certification of annual training
  • IRS W-9
  • Organizational Chart, detailing parent companies or any affiliates
  • Organizational Documents, Articles of Incorporation, etc.
  • Corporate Resolution


For inital underwrite of
purchase and refinance loans


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